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What should I model using the WiseWorks tool?
Anything! WiseWorks is agnostic as far as the topics it can model. As long as you can define an overarching purpose for your model then you can build it. The knowledge capture templates and business rules can apply to any topic. The process flows will organize any activity from start to finish. WiseWorks has been used to model onboarding a new employee, executing a formula one car race, even remodeling a kitchen!

While anything can be modeled with this combination of methodology and software, most organizations use it to unravel complexity, communicate new ideas, and to get buy-in across and between organizations. The resultant accessible documentation is critical to many organizations.

Who uses this software?

Business Architects will finally see business-outcome focused architecture realized, given that they can see the capability, the supporting people, technology, locality and time requirements. Our proven methodology ensures the business is organized and well prepared to share their knowledge using a tool that is understandable by both the technical and non-technical users. Our notation illustrates your value chain with clear diagrams and business requirements can be traced through the process. Our process models are exportable as BPMN for use with tools that support its import. Read more about WiseWorks here »

Professional Business Modelers use WiseWorks to conduct real-time, collaborative modeling sessions. Our quick responsive tool enhances facilitation which creates SME ownership as they see their models being built and validated right in front of them. Read more about modeler capabilities here »

Business Leadership and SMEs use WiseWorks as a central repository of business knowledge. The tool allows them to directly engage with the visual models and the business knowledge stored within them to annotate or approve the models. The graphical models clearly depict business capabilities and processes in a manner that is complete and easy to understand. Read more about the reader capabilities here »

You already have business analysts, process improvement specialists, requirements people who are trying to reach these outcomes with other tools and approaches. Once they are all trained in the methodology and equipped with this software you will see all of your ideas come together in a strategic way. See our software overview »

How do I try the software?
We will be happy to work with you on a trial of the software. The software is tied to a powerful methodology. We regularly offer introductory training and we invite you to develop your own models and start thinking about the application of the methodology to your business challenge.
What is the best way to get started?
Most of our clients choose to engage WiseDesign in identifying and completing a pilot project. Don’t hesitate to contact us.
What does an on-premise license mean?
WiseWorks will be installed on your server behind your firewalls or on your Cloud environment as a SaaS solution. WiseDesign will work with you to develop a statement of work to address your deployment needs.
How does a cloud subscription work?
WiseWorks provides a SaaS solution where the application and data is hosted in a secure, dedicated (not shared) Cloud environment. All hosting fees are included in the user license.

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