WiseWorks Reader

The visual repository of your most crucial business information is available 24/7 via the WiseWorks Reader. Information for management decisions, training, audit responses, compliance questions even disaster recovery is immediately accessible in an easily consumable format. The Reader lets you add notes for follow-up, approval or documentation. Business analytics are available and can be requested from the professional modeler.

Attribute Panel


A structured means of reviewing all the data associated with an activity:

~Update approvals, notes, descriptions and objectives
~View actors and their RACI designation (Responsible, Accountable, Consulted and Informed)
~View technology, artifacts and entities, both input and output with CRUD designation
~Track Session information, questions, and issues captured

Capability Model


Identifies all activities needed to complete the overarching purpose:

~ Graphical customization adds meaning
~Icons indicate the extent of captured information per activity
~Compliance and control points can be uniquely documented
~Tool built to support a purpose-based methodology that always asks, ‘If you have…Have we captured all the activities to complete the parent task?’

Business Analytics


Robust reporting available:

~Business information can be exported into a spreadsheet for further analysis
~14 standard reports ensure quick and accurate access
~Online list view of activities with annotation capability
~Mongo database supports multiple report writers

Process Flow


Complete and fully dimensional process flows:

~Holistic view of each activity – persons, data, technology
~ Excellent training resource, components of an activity and process decision points are viewable
~Auditors have a one stop shop to review your processes and add notes to be resolved
~Ability to refine view to focus on specific content

Business Ownership


The graphical models are a trusted source, consistent in design and approach allowing SMEs to:

~Review both capability models and process flows at their convenience and add notes or approvals
~Use reports to satisfy business needs
~Provide complete and graphical documentation to answer regulatory and compliance questions
~ Own the outcome because they participated in building it. They know it is right!

Custom Formatting


No more generic models:

~Flexible formatting can be requested to create intentional meaning for different departments, control points, etc.
~Automatic generation of Legend ensures all formatting used is identified
~settings allow customization of 32 different modeling features
~ Easy to read capability models and process flows due to use of color and shapes

WiseWorks empowers your business to use the detailed models you have built to support a wide range of business initiatives across IT, HR, Audit/Regulatory Compliance, and much more. WiseWorks brings teams together to drive actionable, business-focused, collaborative results.

"If your business modeling technique did nothing else, I've never seen a better basis for collaboration."

– A WiseWorks corporate client

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