WiseWorks Modeler

This leading edge, agile collaboration software is platform independent – working across Windows, Mac, Linux, on laptops, servers, in the cloud – whether deployed on premise or off. And because WiseWorks models are stored in a database, they can be modified over time and extended – and surfaced through data analytics and reporting. Once built, models can be reused, shared, and extended to support a wide range of business initiatives across IT, HR, audit/regulatory compliance, and much more.

Attribute Panel


A structured means of capturing Business Requirements, Rules, and Notes:

~Actors and their RACI designation (Responsible, Accountable, Consulted and Informed) identified
~Artifacts and Entities, both input and output with CRUD designation
~Technology used in each activity is listed
~Session notes, questions, and issues captured

Capability Model


Identifies all activities needed to complete the overarching purpose:

~ Graphical customization adds meaning
~Concurrent business information captured
~Activity icons indicate the extent of captured information
~Compliance and control points can be documented

Business Analytics


Robust reporting at your fingertips:

~Export business information into a spreadsheet for further analysis
~14 standard reports ensure quick and accurate access
~Online list view of activities
~Mongo database supports multiple report writers

Process Flow


Complete and fully dimensional process flows:

~Holistic view of each activity
~Create process flows quickly
~Updates to attributes are kept in sync between the process flow and the capability model
~Refine view to focus on specific content

Facilitation Ease


Collaboration and ownership of the graphical models occurs because:

~Quick navigation allows capturing SME input seamlessly
~SMEs can review session progress later and add notes or approvals
~Hot Keys exist for the most common actions
~ Formatted templates allow easy capture of session notes, follow-ups, rules, etc.

Custom Formatting


No more generic models:

~Flexible formatting allows for intentional meaning
~automatic generation of Legend ensures all formatting used is identified
~settings allow customization of 32 different modeling features
~Formatting can be set at the model level, changed mid-modeling, even customized for one activity

WiseWorks empowers your people to think in new ways. It puts you in the driver’s seat to control your destiny with your own people, timeline and resources. WiseWorks is specifically designed to support a proven methodology that focuses on purpose.

"I've worked here my entire career, and this is the first time I've ever understood how this major process works."

– A WiseWorks corporate client

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