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WiseWorks provides a single repository of knowledge that reflects the business purpose, capabilities, and processes in a visual format that is business friendly with all the supporting data necessary to support reporting and analytics.

This leading edge, agile collaboration software is platform independent – working across Windows, Mac, Linux, on laptops, servers, in the cloud – whether deployed on premise or off.

Consultants never understand your business like you do. Use a tool that lets you see immediately that the correct details have been captured!

Breaking the silos in your organization is hard unless your experts can work together efficiently and see a value-add quickly. A facilitated session, graphically capturing information real-time can be quickly validated and clarified by the SMEs. They will own the models and process flows when they are done because they directed how they were built. Even better, after the session, via the WiseWorks Reader they can add notes, approvals and update descriptions.

"I'm suffering from process writing fatigue."

Models are reusable and can be edited. Graphic and easily accessible via the WW Reader they can be kept up-to-date

"I just need a report telling me who does what?”

One of our 14 reports identifies every activity in your organization and who is responsible, accountable, consulted and informed.

"I hate going to five different places for information on an activity! "

Everything you need to complete an activity is represented in the activity atom viewed in the process flow also in the attribute panel.

"Every department speaks a different language how do I get a unified picture of the business?"

Focus on the purpose, not the tasks. SMEs and management will see the flow of data as activities are defined in a new way

With WiseWorks, you can develop and refine 10, 20, or 50 individual processes, all in their right place.

Dynamic faciliation - Collaborative SME engagement


~ Efficient real-time modeling so SMEs can achieve consensus
~ Templates allow quick capture of information consistently so accuracy can be confirmed on the spot
~ Features like a parking lot, isolated views, custom formatting, rapid creation of activities and process flows, allow a facilitator to respond to the SMEs needs
~ Changes made to an activity automatically update in both the capability model and process flow

Capability modeling - Activities needed to complete the purpose


~ The top box represents the purpose of the model
~ Activities identify the purpose not the means of completion, e.g. ‘Provide sales numbers’ not ‘complete monthly report 734’
~ The methodology continually asks ‘if we do all of the child activities will we have completed the parent activity?’
~ Activities can be modeled as deeply as needed

Activity detail – Who, when, where? Using and producing what information?


~ Attribute panel is a powerhouse of structured information
~ Facilitation information, provenance, and follow-up issues captured and reportable
~ The activity atom in the process flow consistently displays information and underlying details
~ Notes and activity descriptions updatable by both SMEs and modelers

Process Flows - Activities and decision points illustrated


~ Activities are laid out precisely in the order they occur with flow lines
~ Decision points between activities are explicit
~ Inputs and outputs can be tracked through the process flow
~ Easily spot the holes in your process where you need more detail

Custom Formatting – Add richer meaning both visually and in reporting


~ Activities can be graphically tied to departments, compliance, implementation stages, etc.
~ Auto-generated Legend ensures every unique combination of color, font, and shape is identified
~ Views can be customized to focus on one element
~ Parse reports based on legend details

Tech Specs – easy to use – Cloud subscription or on-premise installation


~Platform independent, using browser technology
~Open source NOSQL (Mongo) datastore and JAVA open source code
~Software Product Description – download the PDF
~VPAT available – download the DOC

Our Software Solution

WiseWorks has three key components: Modeler, Reader, and Business Analytics Tool.
The right methodology, the right tool, the right results.

Modeler Features

  • Full creation and edit capability of activities and process flows
  • Purchase a modeler license
  • Training and mentorship available to maximize success

Reader Features

  • Full activity and process flow views with limited annotation ability
  • Receive 5 Reader licenses per Modeler license or purchase a bulk amount of reader licenses to ensure full access to this valuable repository
  • On-line training resources

Business Analytics

  • Report generation and export capability
  • Reports can be generated by the Modeler license
  • Training available

Maximize your efforts with a trained consultant.
Envision the future, capture the now, map the path.

Jumpstart your success with WiseWorks by having WiseDesign (creators of WiseWorks) facilitate your initial sessions, establishing a culture of collaboration, training and mentoring your modelers, thus setting them up for success to facilitate on-going sessions and maintain your models.

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Software Version

The current release of WiseWorks is 2.1.
If you are a current customer and need to reacquire a current or past version of the software, contact us.