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Drive high value business-focused results, envision the future, capture the now, map the path.

Why Business Modeling Software Makes
All the Difference

WiseWorks will help you build a visualized strategic business architecture (encompassing people, process, information and technology) that’s complete, accurate, and understandable to both technical and non-technical stakeholders.

Rapidly stand up new organizations, teams & processes

Successfully navigate technology & business integrations

Capture irreplaceable employee knowledge

Capture critical organizational knowledge in both current state and future state

Accelerate time to value for new hires

Develop complex software aligned with business & mission

Document compliance processes and support audit activities

Change and Control agents can use this repository to identify best practices, balance workloads, and guide colleagues through their day-to-day efforts. This enables your entire organization to push the boundaries of what is possible and bring your strategic vision to reality.

Why WiseWorks Is Your Best Choice for Business Modeling Software
We Know What Works

Benefits of Business Modeling with WiseWorks

WiseWorks is unique because it helps organizations capture information with a powerful facilitation method. Our approach combines collaboration with a relentless drive to understand the purpose of an activity, so that an entire business can achieve laser focus agreement on business strategy.

Instead of asking “what do you do first?”, “what do you do second?”, “what do you do next?”, we bring a completely different way of thinking to the table.

Core Differentiator #1: Focus on Purpose – The Japanese say you must ask “why” five times; we agree with them. You will learn how to accomplish that by focusing on purpose and thus bringing your subject matter experts (“SMEs”) to agreement more quickly.

Core Differentiator #2 – Emphasis on Completeness and Weaving Universes Together – You will learn how to help your SMEs find ALL the activities necessary to achieve an objective. This provides the basis for identifying the interactions between teams and processes so that the business dramatically improves effectiveness.

Using WiseWorks changes the way organizations think about their value stream. You can stretch your modeling aptitude in a way that will help your SMEs dramatically transform their businesses.

As you grow your capability you will want to expand your audience and pull in others; in other words, you will want to expand your work to the larger organization.

Our enterprise edition is designed for just that: it offers the ability to have multiple modelers working at the same time; to offer “read-only” access to the models; to capture comments from stakeholders; to print (or .pdf) models; and to pull the information you’ve captured into Excel for decision-making analysis.

Watch how Wise Works can help grow your business.

Gartner has identified poor strategy execution as the most significant management challenge facing public and private organizations in the 21st century.

So how can YOU succeed?

According to “CIO Magazine,” IT leadership is engaging in business strategy.

How do you bring value to that discussion?

Organizations spend millions on software that fails to deliver –

How do you avoid that?

You need to leverage your human, technology, and operational capabilities to transform strategic vision into reality –

But how do you get everybody on “the bus?”

The WiseWorks Software Makes

All the Difference

We Offer Two Plans for Our Software

Our Methodology Applied Through Robust Training

Successful organizations understand the power of purpose. We help you leverage and apply this purpose through our on-demand training programs as well as unparalleled customer service.

WiseWorks is a state-of-the-art business capability software that supports a proven modeling methodology for creating business-outcome focused architecture, i.e. Business Agility realized. It can be used out of the box but is best used through skillful training and application. Here’s what we cover in our software and education.

Trusted source of multidimensional, reusable business context data.

WiseWorks captures business context as a holistic view of the business activities, business information, resources, and constraints involved in achieving an organization’s strategic vision, value stream, or business outcomes

Business use cases can be identified by a set of activities at the same level within the model and can be defined by the details captured in the relationships for each activity


The model can be used to derive requirements and to elicit, store, and validate them. Every requirement can be traced back to a specific business activity

WiseWorks can provide the information needed for an action, the actor responsible for the action, the timing of the action, and the other actions that precede and follow the action.

The model visually ties strategy and business goals to business domains, the business value streams, and the portfolio of software development projects. The portfolio is tied to projects – to epics within a project – to functionality actions and sprint development    tasks. Every person knows where their work fits within the project and overall business strategy

Ready to go deeper and become WiseWorks Software Certified? Enroll to get started.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I be able to create Process Flows in WiseWorks Community?


Will I be able to save my model and return to it later?


How long can I have access to my model?

There are several different scenarios. If you regularly build and maintain your models, you will maintain access to WiseWorks Community. If you go without any activity, after several friendly reminders, we reserve the right to remove your access.

What functionality do I get if I upgrade to Enterprise Edition?

Functionality reserved for Enterprise Edition only are:

  1. Report Generation for Process Analysis – WiseWorks produces 7 standard reports auto-generated in Excel.
  2. Multi-User Collaboration – Enterprise customers can have multiple modelers working in the same model simultaneously.
  3. Project Sharing – Enterprise Edition customers can download and upload their models to personal or shared drives.
  4. Printing (pdf creation) – Every model in your project (capability, storyboard, and process flow) can be downloaded as a pdf and printed for physical collaboration and evaluation.
  5. Read Only Access – Model sharing for broad review and commenting. 
What is the benefit of the Reports?

WiseWorks offers seven (7) standard reports. Our customer’s like how Wiseworks is a single repository for project specific data. We capture questions, business rules, actors and their RACI assignment, inputs and outputs, etc. in the model, throughout the life of the project. All this data can be extracted from the database and automatically organized into columns and rows for easy analysis and decision-making clarity.

What is the relationship between the capability model and the process flows?

The capability model contains all activities depicted (needed) for all process flows.

Why do I need a Capability model?

The capability model focues the discussion on the organization’s value stream and purpose.

Do I have access to support?

Yes, Community users have access to training, a user guide, the ability to email support (, as well as posting questions in our community formum. Also, WiseDesign will offer periodic round-table discussions as well as for-fee support services.

How do I start my model in WiseWorks?

We offer “First Time User” training videos that will guide first time users in building their capablity model. We also have a First Time User document that covers the same process. Please refer to either of these to start business modeling with WiseWorks Community.

Key Features of Our WiseWorks Software

Integrates the elements of people, processes, business information (data) and technology in a single image. Reviewable, modifiable and reportable in graphical and spreadsheet formats

Supports dynamic facilitation sessions where SMEs feel heard and see their viewpoints depicted in real time

Is browser enabled and built on an open source database platform. Cloud subscription or on-prem installation available

Interfaces with a customer Reader to increase efficiency and collaboration by allowing SMEs access to the models to provide comments and approvals

Includes powerful Business analytics tools

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