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Our larger aim is to help organizations execute on a purposeful vision

Built by people passionate about doing the right thing with the best people and tools

Business Outcome Focused Architecture should focus on the purpose, capability and data of the business and how to both maximize and protect it.

We at WiseDesign employ this methodology using our proprietary tool, WiseWorks, built specifically to enhance our work and provide our customers the graphic interaction and reports they need to succeed. We think of this as connecting strategy to operations. Through our innovative approach and WiseWorks, we help enable leadership’s strategic vision, while capturing individuals’ deep knowledge of how business works.

Life Partners, Sharon and Jack have poured their passion and expertise into the design and details of WiseWorks

Sharon Jones

Founder & Executive

❱ 30+ years experience with process improvement, workflow, business architecture
❱ Consulting manager for Digital Equipment Corporation, managing worldwide deployment of workflow product and services

Dr. John F. "Jack" Jones

Founder & Executive

❱ Thought leader in data: use of data, connection of data to business, structuring data architecture
❱ Formed NIH Enterprise Architecture Program
❱ 5 years as NIH CIO before joining WiseDesign

Starting your culture of purposeful collaborative visual capability modeling might sound intimidating.

We can ease the transition by facilitating your initial sessions, easing your modelers into scribing a modeling session and then setting them up for success to facilitate on-going sessions and maintain your models.

Together, we’ll identify with pinpoint accuracy every change needed to transform your organization to your desired future state.

Unlike other firms, we’ll never tell you HOW to change. We won’t need to. Our approach is so intuitive and collaborative that you’ll SEE what you need to change as you work with us. And every action will be directly tied to business outcomes. So no wasted effort. No extraneous detail.

Your people will be taught to think in terms of ‘what is the purpose’ for each action.

They will experience the collaborative process of building real-time process models that reflect their reality. They will own the resulting product because they can interact with it at any moment. This cultural shift opens up possibilities to dynamically transform your organization. Employing the consultancy route gives you the best rollout for this paradigm shift.

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